30 Goal Mottos for Your Personal Brand in 2012

Congratulations, we’ve just wrapped up the first week of 2012!

The New Year brings new resolutions and it is the optimal time to plan your personal branding goals as well as your overall business plan.

This week, I asked my community to come up with three words to describe their resolutions and goals for the upcoming year.  I had a number of fabulous responses on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Check them out to get some inspiration:

 30 Inspirational Goal Mottos for 2012

  2. Keep it going!
  3. patience patience patience
  4. Speaking, teaching, writing
  5. PAGL Beneficence Compassion
  6. Keep loven regardless
  7. No more kids!
  8. Yes you can
  9. stay in moment
  10. Presence, intuitively, rumination
  11. Just do it!
  12. Healthy, happy baby. :)
  13. Comprehensive health improvement!
  14. Succeed, achieve and improve!
  15. Kick some ass.
  16. Health, Wealth and Laughter
  17. eat more bacon…
  18. Lean & Mean (but Nice!)
  19. joyful…loving…giving
  20. Sober…love…..wealth
  21. Simplify, organize, progress
  22. No more OCD…..
  23. Inspire, Ignite, Promote!
  24. focus, activity, evaluate
  25. visibility visibility visibility
  26. live life fully
  27. better faster stronger
  28. Pay More Attention.
  29. improve my business
  30. Make. Things. Happen.

So why did I ask for three words to describe your goal intentions? Essentially, you have created your 2012 motto to easily keep you on task to accomplish your goals. As you determine what tasks you will complete each day or when new opportunities present themselves, ask yourself if the opportunity or task will help or delay you in achieving your goals.

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