Brand Publicity Tip: The Secret Weapon to Scoring Media Interviews

Do you want to generate more brand publicity as a guest expert for television, radio appearances, video interviews, or podcasts?

Interviewing as a featured guest is an excellent way to increase your brand exposure and attract prospective clients.

Before you start scouring the Internet to contact show producers, you’ll want to know this interviewing tip that will:

  • Brand you as a professional
  • Give you more control over the interview
  • Make the host fall in love with you
  • Help you get more speaking opportunities

So what’s the secret weapon?

You need to prepare for your interview and impress show producers with a killer media one-sheet.

What is a Media One-Sheet?

A media sheet is a document that summarizes who you are, your subject, and suggested questions for the interview. It demonstrates your professionalism and saves the host preparation time.

When selecting potential people to interview, a producer is more likely to notice a killer one-sheet , tailored for their audience, and concisely tells them what to expect from their guest expert.

What should I Include on My Media Sheet?

Check out my media one-sheet example to get an idea of what one looks like.

Here is the basic information to include:

  • Contact information – include all the imperative information that the host or producer needs to know to get in contact with you, including phone numbers, emails, websites, and assistant info (if applicable).
  • Title – a compelling title that will capture the audience’s attention.
  • Topic Description – a brief overview that captures the relevance and importance of your topic.
  • Topic Questions –10 questions for the host to ask about your topic.  Keep in mind that not all hosts will stick with these questions, so still prepare for curve balls.
  • Controversies –this is optional but keep in mind that guests tune in to hear about controversies so hosts like to bring up controversies. Don’t shy away from them; this is an excellent opportunity to prove your point of view and knowledge of your subject.
  • Statistics – this is also optional but also a terrific way to help the host in preparing for the show.
  • Biography – a brief, introductory biography that describes tells the audience who you are and your qualifications on the topic. You can also include a call to action to direct the audience to your website or how to buy your book/product (if applicable), though not all hosts may include this when introducing you.
  • Pictures (if applicable) – your head shot and pictures of your books/products. You may also send a separate file to the producer if they want to promote your picture in their marketing materials.

Bonus Tip: Whenever there is a current event that ties to your subject, attach a few articles that speak about it. This will show the producer that your topic is timely, and they will want to get you on as soon as possible.

Once created, keep your sheet updated. If you have new biographical information, industry happenings, new questions, or changes in your appearance, make sure you revise your sheet right away.

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