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Social Media Essentials for Your Personal Brand

Social Media is complicated for entrepreneurs.

You already know you that you need an online brand but do you really need to be on every single social network?! Where should you focus your time and energy? And what do you post about online anyway?

If you’ve ever wondered how influential social media pros spend their time online, you are going to want to watch this workshop all the way through!

Social Media Strategies for Entrepreneurs

In this workshop, Robert Caruso, founder of BundlePost.com, explains social media for business and the secrets to profitable returns on your social marketing. He shares:

  • The #1 mistake people make in social media (and how to avoid it)
  • His personal social media formula that converts fans and followers into clients
  • The secret life of a social media pro and how he really spends his day online
  • How to tell if Google+ (or any other social media network) is right for your brand
  • How to solve the biggest challenge small businesses face in the new social media landscape

 About Robert Caruso

Robert M. Caruso is a long time social media professional and founder of http://BundlePost.com the first social content management system. His company develops social media technologies that increase social media agencies and marketers efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. Robert also consults brands internationally on their social media programs.

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