Google+ Hangouts: 7 Creative Ways to Promote Your Brand

Google launched their answer to social media networks in June 2011 with Google+ and almost instantly gained more than 40 million users. However, many of those users haven’t completely adapted to this new platform and some have complained about the way Google has incorporated their social network into their algorithms for search results. I believe that whether you agree with their new search algorithms or not, you need your communications plan to join Google+ and your personal branding.

One way to promote your personal brand with Google+ is through hangouts. In fact, even President Obama uses Google+ hangouts – so it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for you to do so, too. Here is a basic rundown of what it is and how you can use it in your personal branding plan.

What are Google+ Hangouts?

Hangouts are a video conferencing feature that allows you to chat with other Google+ members online. You can easily create a hangout and invite people within your circles to your hangout. The interesting part is that anyone within the hangout group can invite other people from their circles to join the video chat, so with the right group of people and topics being spoken about, it can go viral pretty quickly. Although keep in mind that one caveat is you can only have up to 10 guests in a hangout at any given time.

How to Creatively Use Google+ Hangouts for Your Brand

  1. Behind the scenes. Reveal what goes on behind the scenes of your business or day-to-day happenings.
  2. Q & A Sessions. Hold a session where people can ask questions about your industry, brand, or other interesting topics.
  3. Workshops. Promote your business and services with an exclusive how-to workshop or state of the industry webinar.
  4. Product Demonstrations. Host a virtual test drive of your products or services and highlight the cool features and benefits.
  5. Meet and Greet. Host an interview-styled meet and greet of your top executives, employees, clients, and/or affinity partners.
  6. Crowd Source. Construct a forum for brainstorming ideas for new services, products, funding ideas, etc.
  7. Contest Announcements. Create excitement for your brand by announcing your latest contests and giveaways.

Keep the conversation flowing… how have you used Google+ hangouts?

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