How to Find Topics That Interest Your Audience in 20 Minutes or Less

When developing your personal brand, it’s important to build your credibility as the authority on your subject matter or industry.

Products, webinars, blogging, contributing articles, public speaking, and being interviewed for radio and television programs are a few ways that you can promote yourself. When you put your creative spin on hot topics or industry themes, you can gain notoriety and even create a viral campaign around your expertise on pressing subject matters when promoting your brand online.

How Do I Find Topics That People Want More Information On?

There are a number of ways to find out what people want to know. From social media discussions to affiliate marketing websites like ClickBank, you can discover the niches that are driving traffic to other successful entrepreneurs. Another method is to use Internet Forums.

In Google, search for “your niche + forum” to find the main forums in your niche or industry. Select a few forums to explore and jot down your ideas on a piece of paper.

As you investigate, you want to find the main subjects or issues that people are discussing:

  • Hot topics– repeated subject matters are a terrific starting point for themes that people need more information on.
  • Questions– pay attention to the problems and issues your audience struggles.

In 20 minutes, you will  come up with at least 5-10 ideas that you can spin into articles, products, seminars, blog posts, pod-casts, etc. If you have noticed that other people in your industry have answered the questions or posts, figure out what your spin is on the answer.

By spending time researching your industry and the areas that matter most to your audience, you will solidify yourself as an expert and resource of your industry.

Personal Branding Tip

Once you have created content around your ideas, go back to the forum to answer the posts and redirect them to your website for further reading on the topic. This helps build your inbound links for SEO purposes and demonstrates your value as an expert in your industry.

Keep the conversation flowing… How do you find hot topics for your personal brand content?

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