How to Write Blog Posts That Convert Readers to Buyers

For entrepreneurs, writing is a necessary evil when promoting their personal brand. It takes up your time from doing other important business tasks, but when implemented into your marketing plan, writing is one of the best methods to:

  •  solidify yourself as an expert
  • attract your brand audience
  • and close more deals

Is Your Brand’s Content Worthless?

Like any other business skill, writing is something that you must learn how to do properly if you don’t want to waste your time (or your audiences). If you write just to write, you will get nowhere. Your content must have a purpose and they must have five key elements to help your prospects or clients move forward in their buying process with you.

Five Copywriting Techniques for Your Content

  1. Captivate with a Strong Title. Create a swipe file of headlines that caught your eye from magazines, newspapers, and other blog posts. Now you have a reason for buying gossip magazines – they have the most engaging titles of all!
  2. Hook Them with a Story (or Question). The opening line is one of the most difficult elements to compose. Use this opportunity to explain the reason your audience needs to read this piece – and the easiest way to do that is to paint a picture of their problem through a story or thought-provoking question.
  3. Engage with Subheadings. Your subheadings help break the article or blog post into chunks that are easily digested by the reader. A bonus SEO trick is to use keywords in your subheadings and use h1 and h2 tags to help search engines understand what your piece is about.
  4. Keep Your Bullet Points Consistent. Think of your bullet points as mini-headlines to further hook your reader into finding out more. Use a few words to state your main point and then expand with one or two sentences.
  5. End with a Call to Action. What is the outcome you are looking for? To sign up for your newsletter, to get a complimentary consultant, to get another free report?

By incorporating these copywriting techniques into your content you will not only convert readers to act, you will also find that as you practice these skills, you are able to write more efficiently and quickly.

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