The Pinterest Strategy for Facebook Engagement on Your New Timeline

Want to know how to get more traffic to your blog and “likes” on my Facebook fan page updates with a super simple trick?

Sure you do!

Who isn’t frustrated these days with trying to grab your audience’s attention through the new Facebook timeline?

You spend a chunk of time creating a killer blog post with great information you want to share with the world. So, you figure a good place to market it is on your business fan page.


Don’t Use Old Tactics That Don’t Work!

Right now, you’re probably marketing your posts on like this:

  • You open your automated posting tool like Hootsuite (or go directly to Facebook business page)
  • Type in your awesome blog post title
  • Enter your website link
  • Scroll through the thumbnail photos and select the one that matches your post
  • Hit enter
  • Sit back and wait for all the comments and “likes” to start rolling in
  • … and then crickets. Nothing!

What happened? Where did you go wrong?!

Maybe it’s related to this surprising fact: Hubspot recently conducted a study that proved Facebook’s new business timeline HATES your third-party API’s. So if you are using a program like Hootsuite or Social Oomph, expect less engagement until Facebook decides to give those posts equal face time.

So, what can you do get some quality attention from your fans?

Give Your Fans What They Really Want

Here’s my super simple trick that increased my Facebook Fan engagement…

Take a hint from the widely popular social media “new kid on the block” Pinterest, and upload photos and videos directly to your Facebook timeline.

“The right picture is worth a thousand “likes” on Facebook.” – Kimberly Bordonaro | Click to Tweet This!

Here’s why this works – according to a number of online marketing studies, Facebook users interact more with visual media, and specifically prefer to engage with photographs. When you have a large, highlighted photo in your Facebook stream, it will stick out from all the other posts with smaller thumbnails and attract your audience to click on it and the url link to find out more.

How to Market Your Blog on Facebook with Photos

  1. Upload an interesting photo that corresponds to your blog post
  2. In the description, include:
    • An engaging blog post title
    • The url link to the blog post
    • A call to action like a specific question about the blog post
  3. Interact with your audience.

I’ve been testing this on my Facebook business page and have found that there has been an increase to user engagement when I’ve uploaded a picture instead of using the typical posting of a link in the status update.

All of this advice may be great but it’s useless if you’re not implementing it. So let’s put some action steps for what should you need to do next:

Step 1: Start using the “upload photo/video” feature using the steps I outlined above.

Step 2: Highlight your most recent post by pinning the photo to the top of the page

Step 3: Leave a comment below with a link to your Facebook fan page and tell me what kind of engagement you have received by using this technique – are there certain photos that work better for you over others? Are you finding video works best?

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